Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Little Story with Pictures

It's been a busy, busy month.  Not that I didn't completely expect it to be, but it has taken me significantly longer to get back to my computer and at least thinking about writing.

What have I been up to if I'm not writing?

A couple weeks ago, I went on a quick trip north to visit family and attend my youngest brother's wedding.  I am proud that I didn't cry, though I did tear up at the very beginning.  It was a beautiful wedding and it was wonderful to see my family.  I did learn a valuable lesson while I was north -- Kentucky is now too cold for me.  I was very happy to return south to my new home where my puppy and kitty were waiting for me.

The next weekend, we traveled up to Orlando to meet my parents, who were on vacation. If you'd like to read a little story about my trip and see some pictures, click here. I am trying out this new app called Steller and it's a lot of fun.  I just need to remember to actually take pictures with my phone on occasion.  I've got a brief trip to Baltimore coming up so I'll try to take some pictures then and create a new story.

But I'm home again.  Other than a work trip to Baltimore, I'm home and I'm not going anywhere for a little while.  That means I am plopping my butt down behind the computer and finally getting some writing done.  The 30,000 words I was aiming to get down in April is looking to be closer to 10,000 or maybe 15,000 words, if I'm lucky.

So for at least a month, I am in the clear to get some writing done.  Everyone do the happy dance with me!

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