Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking Back on 2013

2013 turned out to be an interesting year, though maybe not as productive as I would have liked.  Rachel Vincent posted a quick recap of 2013 by the numbers and that got me thinking.  What did my 2013 look like?

Books written: 2.XXX (I've got several started this year but haven't finished yet)
Novellas written:
Books revised/edited: 1.5
Novellas revised/edited: 1
Proposals written: 0
Books sold:
1-ish (Close to finalizing sale of Book 3 of AT)
Books released: 1 (Dead Man's Deal)

Let's take it piece by piece.

I wrote and completely finished two novels in 2013 -- the third book in the Asylum Tales series and a historical romance novel.  At the same time, I started and worked on at least three other books in 2013, but wasn't able to finish them.  Of those other books, I ended up writing a large chunk of a potential Dark Days spin-off book, the part of the first book in a new vampire series, a new historical romance novel, and many other random odds and ends.  But I can't complain about finishing two books when I am also working at a full-time dayjob.

In the winter of 2013, I also finished one historical romance novella that goes with the historical romance novel.

I completely revised/edited the historical romance novel and I am about halfway done revising the third book for Asylum Tales.  My goal is to complete the revision in January so I can hand it in to my editor.

I completely revised/edited the historical romance novella.

I didn't complete any proposals in 2013 and this is the number that has me a little troubled.  During the first third of the year, my agent decided to leave the publishing industry.  We had been together for approximately six years and it was heartbreaking to lose her, but I can understand when someone needs to take their life in a new direction.  This unexpected development caused me to stumble in 2013, as I stopped to re-evaluate my own desires and goals for my writing career.  Did I want to continue to publish books? If so, what did I want to write?  Did I want to keep writing urban fantasy?  Was it time a good time to switch genres?  Much of spring and summer was spent playing with different ideas while having no clear direction in mind.  By fall, I discovered that I wanted to stick with urban fantasy, but I needed to split my year with another genre to give my brain a break from vampires and warlocks.

I am close to finalizing the sale of Book 3 of Asylum Tales.  It will be Gage's last book and will be released as an e-book only.

And I had one book, DEAD MAN'S DEAL, released in May.  It is the second book in the Asylum Tales series.  I did self-pub a novella and novel under a different name just for fun.  I might even tell you that name if you're interested.  The novel will be on sale on Saturday on Amazon.  Wou;postID=4097646880058543844ld you like to know my other identity? 

Mix in adjusting to a new job and a new home, I can't say that 2013 was a bad year.  It may not have been uber-productive, but after several years in publishing I think it was time to pause and take stock.

And just a reminder: ANGEL'S INK is still on sale for a few more days at $1.99.  If you haven't started the Asylum Tales series yet, now is a great time to pick up the first novel.  (Kindle VersionNook Version, Kobo Version, iBookStore Version)

In other great deals, I saw that Richard Kadrey's DEAD SET is only $1.99 as an Amazon Daily Deal.  Also, SF Signal lists 237 Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Kindle eBooks on sale for $3.99 or less.  Now that is how you start off the new year right!  Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Well now , i really need to know your other identity. ,

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Wow! When you break it down, you really did a LOT! Of course being a reader and an aspiring author myself, I know that there are lots of other details to go into each task.

When you say you "only" wrote two novels...well, there's a lot of work that goes into each one and then you did 2?! And add in a novella?! And started other projects?! And you did ALL this while working full-time?!

HOLY COW, Jocelynn! You're amazing! :D