Thursday, November 7, 2013

Funny Videos

It's been a long week and we've all been working hard.  I think we all need to take a break and enjoy a few funny videos.  I've dug up a few good ones for you.

Simon's Cat -- A Halloween Special

Simon's Cat -- Suitcase Cat

I've had cats who liked to help me pack.

Jimmy Fallon -- Lip Sync Battle with Steve Merchant and Joseph Gordon Levitt

I don't watch Jimmy Fallon but I'm beginning to think that I need to. Hand down, one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

The Muppet Show -- In the Navy

Because the Muppets are always fun.


Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Nice! Videos that I can never get enough of and love to watch repeatedly if I am bored or need a laugh are Buffy vs. Edward--totally hilarious with clips from Buffy and Twilight and a brief Harry Potter one--and then I think it's called The Landlord with Will Farrell and who I guess is his daughter or other relative. The things that "Pearl" says are crazy and she's like 2 years old or something!! Very funny videos!

ikan said...

Nice videos...:p