Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Colors Are Coming

It is October and Autumn is here.

I love October.  It's a time of crisp, cool mornings and the changing of the leaves.  In the evening, there's the scent of burning leaves and wood as people did around fires, cooking hot dogs and marshmallows as they talk about their day.  After the rush and insanity that seems to fill all the summer months, the world slows down a little bit with the start of fall.  Fall is a time to relax and enjoy some quiet, lazy afternoons before the snow comes and it's time to do all the crazy holiday shopping (though I'm pleased to say that I've already got my holiday cards!).

I'm looking forward to the changing of the leaves most.  I'm already seeing some yellow and reds on my drive too and from work.  I'm still looking for the oranges.  I think Max and I will be taking some more walks to enjoy those last days before the snow comes.  And as much as I'd like to deny it... the snow is coming.


Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Yay! I love fall as well! The time when the heat is finally going to leave...although sometimes it likes to digs its claws in and not leave til late October, early November. Getting some nice days though now lately, so maybe it'll be an early fall!

Jocelynn Drake said...

I think we might have had our last warm, sunny day for a long time. Rain is moving in and now we're facing colder weather. I need to find a place with crisp but not cold weather. :)