Monday, September 9, 2013

Time for Change

It was a quiet weekend, I am happy to report.  There was grocery shopping and cleaning of the house, of course, but I also lost a few hours to playing Sim City and writing, which is always a wonderful thing.  I even found some time to color my hair.  Before you ask: yes, I am a natural redhead.  I've got the temper and the sensitivity to sunlight to prove it.  (You know, like vampires.)  I've been spending too much time recently squinting at the mirror wondering, "Is that a blond hair or a white hair?"  To put a stop to all the wondering, I've gone a nice reddish brown. No more blond/white hairs to ponder.  I'll admit that a part of me was tempted to do a cool blue, but not this time. I've been wanting to do blue for a while.  Or go blond with blue streaks!

That's why hair is fun.  You color it.  Hate it or love it, then color it something else.  You cut it, and it grows back.  Changing your hair is a great chance for change and adventure.  Sure, it's not saving the world kind of adventure but I've got to work tomorrow so saving the world will have to be left to my characters.

Speaking of my lovely characters, Gage is getting himself into some serious trouble.  I'm starting to get a little worried.  He's making some bed decisions out of fear and anger, and I'm beginning to worry that I'm not going to be able to pull him back before it's too late.   Progress is chugging along for the third Asylum Tales book.  I didn't hit the halfway point this weekend, but I'm close.  I'd be shocked and a little worried if I managed to hit 125,000 words on my first draft.  My first and usually second drafts are about 10,000-20,000 words short from the final end length.

What did you do this weekend?

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