Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Streak Continues

Sorry I haven't been around much lately.  Things got crazy at work due to an on-site conference and the following week was about trying to play catch-up to everything that I wasn't able to get to during the previous week.  You know, hectic.  In fact, the week of the conference was the first week in a while that I didn't actually make my weekly word count goal.  But I came close.  I think I was short by only 2,000 words.  Not too shabby for such an insane week.

But I'm back on track this week.  I try to get about 8,000 words during the week and then another few thousand words over the weekend.  I am right on target. 

I think a big part of the help has been sticking with 750 words.  I am on a roll!  I have a 35-day streak going.  Yep, I have written a minimum of 750 words every day for the past 35 days.  Most days I do well over 750 words, but I like knowing that at the bare minimum, I can get by with only 750 words, or approximately 25 minutes of writing.

I'm also rocking a very nice collection of badges now.  I've grown from the Egg to the Turkey to the Penguin to the Flamingo to the Albatross.  Sweet.

I know it seems silly, but the badges, points, and high-level word analysis gives the immediate gratification that isn't always found in writing a book.  Sometimes, there are just some scenes that aren't jam-packed with fights and explosions.  Sometimes, Gage is just drinking a cup of coffee and trying to recover from the insanity I bring to his life.  Sometimes the word count is daunting.  But I look at my streak and my badges and think: Wow! I have gotten a lot done.  I've come really far.

The lesson learned:  Just keeping writing. Just keep writing.  Writing. Writing. Just keep writing.

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