Friday, August 30, 2013

Ready for the weekend

It's Friday and I am officially ready for the weekend.  I have no grand plans at the moment on how I'm going to spend my 3-day weekend.  I thinking maybe a movie, a jaunt to the capitol to enjoy the Taste of Madison, and a nap.  Yeah. I don't know if it's the ice cream talking or what, but I'm ready for a nap.

I am happy to report that I am making nice progress on the third book in the Asylum Tales series.  I've got 40,000 words written and they seem to be pretty good words.  My goal is to cross 50,000 words this weekend and finish outlining the book.  I've got most of the major scenes written down, but I've got to get them in the right order as well as check the balance of appearances.  I want to make sure the right characters are getting the right amount of face time.  At the moment, Gideon is showing up a lot.  I mean, a whole lot.  As in, Gage is seriously starting to feel a bit crowded.

Speaking of my boy Gage, I'm over at The Book Nympho today for their Stomp vs. Romp series talking about Gage and the Asylum Tales series.  You should stop by and check it out!

I am also thoroughly in love with the 750 words site.  I finally got a couple cool badges for my writing streaks.  I started late in August so it doesn't look to impressive, but I'm planning to keep pushing on.  Right now, I'm a super cool penguin for getting 5 days in a row!

I also love how the site analyzes my content and picks up moods, themes, and commonly used words.  As you can see below, poor Gage has not been in a happy place recently.  I'm hoping to reach a happy scene for him soon. 

 Well, you know what I've been up to and what I'm planning to do with my weekend.  Do you have any big plans for Labor Day weekend?

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Dotty said...

I'm planning on reading, chilling in the sun? If there is any??? Cooking out! Glad that Gages' next book is coming along! When do I get to read it? Hope the weekend is good in your world:)