Friday, April 12, 2013

Free Book Friday

Friday has always been the best day of the work week.
Well, I've got something that has just made it that much better.

It's Free Book Friday!

Yep, and I've got just the book for you.

Barnes & Noble has been running its "Free Book Friday" for a little while now and they have kindly offered to give you the e-book of Angel's Ink for free this Friday!

So, if you would like a free copy of Angel's Ink (the first Asylum Tales novel) for your kindle, today is the perfect day!

Don't believe me?  Here, click this link to Barnes & Noble.   It was free, right?  Pretty awesome!

Now, since Amazon doesn't like to be undercut in anything, I believe that the Kindle version of Angel's Ink is free today as well.

Click here to visit Amazon.

Typically, the deal runs through the weekend, but I wouldn't wait.  Go get the book now!

Don't forget that the rest of my books are on sale for the rest of the month.  Pick up the all the e-books for the Dark Days series for only $0.99 each.  Also, you can get all the e-book short stories for the Asylum Tales for just $0.99.  For all the details of this amazing deal, click here.

Let's see if you've got it all.  Here's your To-Do List for the weekend.

1. Go to B&N or Amazon to download the FREE copy of Angel's Ink to your e-reader, tablet, or computer.

2.  While at B&N or Amazon, you also pay a very tiny amount to get all the books for the Dark Days Series, and the short stories for the Asylum Tales.

3. Pre-order your copy of Dead Man's Deal (which comes out on May 7)

Yes! This is the perfect time to pre-order your copy of Dead Man's Deal.  With the second book in the Asylum Tales out in 25 days, you have just enough time to catch up on Gage's story in the two novellas and in Angel's Ink.

Here is the link to Barnes & Noble
Here is the link to Amazon
More links and details can be found on my website.


Summer Ross said...

Grabbed mine! Thanks so much!

Jen Martin said...

Got mine!! Thank you! I had checked it out from the library and have not had a chance to get to it yet and there's a wait list to get it back! You're the bestest! Thank you much.

Jocelynn Drake said...

Whoo-hoo! Happy reading!