Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting Work Done in My New Shoes

What makes a good weekend? 

For different people, it's different things.  For some people, it's hanging out with friends, going to parties and doing crazy things.  For others, it's settling in with a good book and knowing you won't be disturbed until you're finished.  I think I would fall in the latter group.  This has been a good weekend.  First, my O.H. went out for a while on Saturday, running errands.  We made a quick pass through the mall nearest us to see what was there.  Despite swearing we wouldn't buy anything, he came away with 2 Notre Dame t-shirts and I got some new shoes.  (I'm afraid to ask what would have happened if we hadn't made that vow.)

If you were unaware, I am a huge Batman fan.  Love him! I have a enormous collection of book, graphic novels, art, and figures.  Within my love of Batman is a strange adoration of Harley Quinn.  She's the Joker's sidekick, former psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel.  I love her perky, twisted sense of humor.  I love her blind love of the Joker.  While I'm not fond of the way she's sometimes his punching bag, I am happy to see that she occasionally snaps back at him.  They are the new definition of a "healthy relationship".  So you can understand why I was so thrilled to pick up my new shoes.  I am fighting the temptation right now to go back and pick up the other pair of Batman shoes as well as the Thundercats shoes -- the CLASSIC THUNDERCATS.  These are also my first pair of Chucks and I'm loving them.

Today, I'm going to be locked to my computer.  I'm trying to finish some updates, work on copyedits, get some writing done, and just general catch up on everything that I don't have time to finish during the week.  The O.H. is settling in to watch Dune on TV, which gives me some time to work.  It's gonna be a good day.

Random Updates

What am I up to?  I am currently working on the copyedits for DEAD MAN'S DEAL, the second book in the Asylum Tales.  It will be coming out on May 7 as a trade paperback, e-book, and audiobook.  I do believe pre-orders are currently available if you are interested in locking in your copy now.  I have seen the cover and IT IS AWESOME!  I think I will probably be sharing that after the start of the new year.

I've also stopped by The Dark Room -- the discussion board.  Have you visited the Dark Room?  No?!?  Do you have a question for me about the Dark Days series?  Do you have a question about Asylum Tales?  Do you have a question about writing?  Do you just want to chat with other readers?  This is a great place to stop.  I popped by today and left a lot of comments across various different topics.  Stop by and read what's there and/or leave me a comment.  Mira, Gage, and I stop by the Dark Room at least once a day and comment.

Where else can you find me?

I am in the usual places (website, Facebook, and Twitter), but I also have a few strange places as well that I like to visit on a regular basis.  I have a Pinterest page.  I am still trying to figure out this Pinterest thing, but I do have 4 boards going and I'm hoping to add to it this weekend.  Do you have a board suggestion for me?  Maybe a dream cast if either series were to be made into TV or movie?  (Not that it's happening) Still thinking on possible boards....

I am also over on Tumblr.  This has been my place to post more random things that I like.  I pass along book deals that I see and other general book-related announcements.  But my favorite thing recently has been to post some awesome quotes from other authors.  This is turning out to be pretty popular with Tumblr users and I think you should stop by to check it out.  Tumblr has turned out to be pretty easy to use and a lot of fun.  I just wish I was more visually artistic, but I think I make do pretty well with words.

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