Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Book Release Day!

It's out!  It's finally out!
Yes, you can now take a stroll through Low Town with Gage and his strange companions as the first prequel novella has been released for The Asylum Tales.  So, if you haven't pre-ordered yet, rush off to your preferred vendor and purchase a copy of The Asylum Interviews: Bronx for your e-reader.  It's only $1.99 and it's a great way to get a break from the heat.

The short story runs around 80 pages and the e-book includes the first few chapters of my upcoming novel, Angel's Ink. The story tells of how Gage met his friend and coworker Bronx as well as the the trouble the two got into while trying to help Gage's friend Parker, who happens to be an incubus.

Do you like crazy misadventure?
Do you like sexy incubi?
Do you like trolls?

This story has them, as well as tattoos, karaoke, and Vestal Virgins.  Yes, welcome to Low Town.  It's a strange place, but I think you're going to like it here.

In addition, the second stage of my blog tour continues today over at All Things Urban Fantasy.  In today's interview, you get to meet Parker, the incubus.  I have to admit this was one of my most uncomfortable interviews ever.  Partially because I hadn't planned on speaking to Parker and partially because Parker has the same wicked sense of humor as Gage.  So stop over and check it out.

Also, if you missed yesterday's interview, stop my Literary Escapism to read about Gage.

As for yesterday's contest, the two winners have been contacted.  I will run another contest today similar to yesterday's.  Go to All Things Urban Fantasy and read the interview.  Then email me at JocelynnDOTdrakeATgmailDOTcom, and tell me the name of Parker's former love interest.

The contest ends at midnight Eastern time.  I will pick two winners from the group.  Just be sure to tell me the email address you want me to use and whether you want a Kindle or Nook edition.  Give it a try.  I didn't get a lot of contest entries yesterday so you could have a good chance at winning.

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