Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fun

The week has been touch and go, and I have to say that I'm ready to let it go.  Why don't you help me do that with a little fun?

First, some business. Sort of.  In case you missed it, I talked a little about Low Town, which is the setting for my new series, The Asylum Tales, over on Supernatural Underground on Thursday.  You should pop and check it out.  Just click here.

Now, the fun.  My youngest brother and I have the habit of tossing interesting video clips back and forth.  He's got a great eye for silly time-wasting stuff, which is really the whole purpose of Youtube and Internet, in general.  So, let me entertain you a bit with some fun stuff as you usher in your weekend.

Have you seen the Avengers movie?  Of course you have!  I saw it. Loved it.  And plan to watch it again.  I've also introduced you to the "How It Should Have Ended" spoof videos.  It is only natural that they should now have a spoof of Avengers.  Enjoy!

Next, a quick surf of the Internet as I was checking email revealed a new Quentin Tarantino movie that I was unaware of.  I love Tarantino movies and this one looks great because it has some spectacular actors in it.  Check out the trailer below for "Django Unchained."

We also have a cool new Simon's Cat video.  These videos make me glad that my cats aren't quite like this cat.  But sometimes it's close.

For those who want to totally get their Geek On, I have a pretty epic homemade lightsaber battle.  Definitely check this out!

And the last thing and possibly the best... a great behind-the-scenes video for The Hobbit.  Check it out here.   Have a great weekend!

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