Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Weekend, Busy Week

It was a good and busy weekend.  Saturday was yard sale day.  It felt like my house was getting too cluttered and we are looking at potentially moving, so I thought it was time to start cleaning out the house.  Luckily, it was not only a sunny Saturday, but several surrounding neighborhoods were having yard sales so we actually got some decent traffic.  As a result, my house as fewer items and I've got a little cash in my pocket.

Sunday was a nice (if rainy) Mother's Day.  I did a little baking and we spent the bulk of the day hanging with family.  The evening was spent finishing up laundry and getting things organized for the coming week. 

Oh, and I read two books.  Yep, very nice weekend.

On the work side, I've gotten interviews done with two characters -- Gage and Parker.  I have learned that Gage is a sneaky handful that can't be trusted.  Also, never ever interview an incubus alone.  Parker had me blushing and scrambling more times than I care to admit.  Today, I'm working on an interview with Trixie, which shouldn't be too bad.  I am also hoping to get an interview with Bronx done -- who I can't wait to talk to.

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