Friday, March 16, 2012


Only a few more days! Tee-hee! Months and months and months ago, I bought tickets to the Mythbusters Tour show that is rolling through Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, March 19. I. Can’t. Wait. My youngest brother got me addicted to this show a few years back.  I don’t know whether it due to the fact that they’re doing science in a fun way or the great personalities they have on the show or the fact that they blow stuff up but I love the Mythbusters (it’s probably the explosions). It’s kind of hard to believe that when I was in high school and started college, I was planning to become an engineer. Yep. Totally science. When I started college, I was studying to become a chemical engineer. I loved chemistry and it looked like a great career choice. And then calculus completely smacked me down. It wasn’t just that I had a great deal of trouble with calculus, but that I truly hated math. I had always hated math. It doesn’t make sense to me.  My brain just doesn’t process or retain numbers. It was before the end of my first semester that I sat myself down and decided it was time to face facts:chemistry wasn’t my first love. Writing was my first love. There was no stability that came with an English/Literature degree, but it was what I loved. And if you only get one shot at this life, shouldn’t you be doing what you love? That’s what I thought. When I started my second year, I was an English/Journalism double major with a focus on writing. Regardless of what I decided to do in college, I still love science – particularly chemistry and physics.  I might not get the math, but the heart of the science makes so much sense to my brain that I get giddy. So, my brother, his girlfriend, and my O.H. are headed downtown on Monday to see Adam and Jamie play with science and I sooooo can’t wait.  It’s in a very nice theater so I know they’re not going to be blowing anything up but they are so amusing that I am just looking forward to listening to their anecdotes.  It’s kind of a shame that the rest of the gang isn’t going to be there, but my brother and I were lucky enough to meet Grant, Tori, and Kari when we went to Comic Con in 2010. In celebration of my upcoming evening away from my computer, I have posted one of my favorite random clips of Adam Savage silliness combined with cool science.
I hope you have a great weekend!

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