Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Down with the Evil Internet

There are slim moments in time when I hate the Internet.  I hate computers.  I hate technology and some mean people.

My computer was hit with a nasty piece of malware last night.  I don't know how I got it.  It wasn't from going somewhere I wasn't supposed to or opening something I shouldn't have.  I think it was just Lady Luck finally shining her light down on me.  Regardless, my computer was down and out for several hours last night as the nasty little bug was eradicated.  This morning was spent shoring up my defenses once again and running a few checks to make sure that no other little bugs were lingering.

We're back online and ready to tackle the day now, but it's moments like this that force people to finally slow down and think about what they are doing and the decisions they have made.

As a result, I am seriously thinking of disconnecting the computer that I use for writing from the Internet completely.  Pull the plug and just write.  I've got an iPad and a laptop nearby if I need to do some research or check email, but by taking the Internet away from the computer I am seated at means that I have to work harder at the distraction and procrastination.  It should also succeed in protecting my baby against another infection.  Good idea?  The bad part: I would be online less for comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Something to think about.

In the meantime, I think we may have a new title for the first book in my new series.  My editor is taking it before the sale/marketing team today and I've got my fingers crossed.  I love the new title, which my O.H. brilliantly came up with.  Fingers crossed!!


Nicole said...

You should do what will be best for you and your writing. We'd miss you, but we'd understand. There must be something in the water. I woke up to an unauthorized transaction via Paypal (disputing it now, alerting banks etc) and some weird email in my work inbox. Another friend was also hacked today and yet another friend had a nasty virus that affected her email as well. It's getting BAD.

Glad yours is fixed. I know I didn't click on anything weird and I'm really concerned about how this unauth'd transaction occurred. Yep, running all kinds of software to make sure no malware, virus, etc on the computer.

Good luck and hopefully you can share that title soon! Fingers crossed :).

CTannStarr said...

I actually keep my HP offline and plug it in once a month for the upgrades and updates. My Toshiba is online all the time. It's hard isolating a computer because if you don't use a new simm card or flash drive for each file transfer there's the slim possibility a user may accidentally have a virus make its way to the offline machine while collecting files to transfer to the online computer. My co-worker did that to me by borrowing a disk to use on his machine and giving the disk back when he was done. His transferred virus wiped me out and killed my operating disks.

Ali said...

There are a lot of writers who do their writing on a computer that does not have internet. Keeps them from getting distracted. It can be a good idea.

roro said...

Good luck and hopefully you can share that title soon! Fingers crossed :)
keep writing lol

Brenda Hyde said...

I've been thinking of doing the same thing. I get VERY sidetracked on blogs, twitter and facebook for one thing-- and then there are the viruses as you mentioned.

I'd hate to see you around less, but I think you may be on to something:)

Traci (aka the Bookbabe) said...

We would definitely miss you, but we're big girls/boys and we'd learn to be OK with less of you. As for the Internet, I just don't understand why there are people out there that want to do this sort of thing. Were they bullies in school? Do they do it to get vital info, or are they doing it just to be malicious? Grrr....... Why can't they just play nice?

Good luck!