Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shoe Talk

Take a load off tonight, guys.  I'm here to talk about shoes.  Actually, guys, you might want to stick around if you want to get a little better insight into women.

Most women love shoes.  Shoes are that perfect accent to an outfit.  The right pair of shoes can say so much.  They can reveal interesting little insights into a person without her saying a word.  I love that I can walk out in a pair of black pants and black shirt with a pair of red leather boots and BAM! It's like announcing to the world: "Hello, I'm quietly reserved, but get me alone and damn, I can set your world on fire."  Or "Hello, I am forced to be in these respectable clothes, but I am still a wild child at heart."

Shoes are an excellent way to express a woman's fun side, quirky personality, or just individual sense of flare without having to worry about the rest of the outfit.  What's more, shoes can express a person's no-nonsense, business first, take-no-prisoners personality.  Shoes are an amazing way of expression. 

I think it's part of the reason that women have stacks of shoes in their closets.  It's the reason they have four sets of black pumps and two sets of red pumps (one open toe and one closed).  It's why we have three sets of sandals (formal, casual, and semi-formal).  It's why we wear those knee-high leather boots with the short skirt.

And while men complain about our growing collection of shoes, including the dozen pairs that we haven't worn in a year, they notice are shoes.  They have to notice.  We wouldn't be wearing some of the ridiculous heels that we wear if they didn't notice.  They might fail to notice the new dress, but they'll stop in their tracks when they see a sexy pair of sling-back heels.

And women notice an interesting pair of shoes.  I'll admit that a cool purse won't raise an eyebrow from me and I think I've seen everything that can be done with the classic little black dress.  But I will always comment on a stunning pair of shoes.  Shoes can say that I'm sassy, sexy, stunning, self-confident, individual, bold, sedate, playful, tough, forceful, silly, and so much more.  All this and the woman has yet to even open her mouth. 

Because shoes can say all those things, the wearer of the shoes can feel more confident.  We can step outside of our own personal boundaries just a little bit and try new and daring things.  I mean, all this has to be true because Dorothy was able to cross worlds because of a pair of flashy red shoes and some wishful thinking.

What started this ramble?  I received a gift card for a shoe store.  At first, I thought that I wouldn't use it right away.  I didn't need any new shoes and I hadn't seen anything in a long time to tempt me.  And then I saw an advertisement for boots.  I have a sickness when it comes to boots.  They are durable, stylish, comfortable, and appropriate for so many occasions.  I love boot season. Last night I purchased two pairs of new boots for myself: one brown and one black, so I have something for nearly any occasion.  The O.H. also acquired a pair of boots for himself.  I'm currently searching for either a particular pair of sweet heels in my size or I'm trying to think of the name of this killer shoe website.  A friend mentioned it to me a couple years ago and I'm totally blanking on the name right now.  I just remember that it was an odd name.

Like most women, there comes a time in all our lives when we just need new shoes.  What I marvel at is how my tastes change from year to year.  Shoes that I wouldn't have touched the prior year, I need to have this year.  I wonder if that's a reflection of my own personal growth and changes...

Happy shoe shopping!  We'll return to our regularly scheduled broadcast tomorrow.


CTannStarr said...

I appear to be overdue for a lot of things, including realizing there does indeed comes a time in all our lives when we just need new things - like another pair of comfy shoes...

My tastes change rarely (said the woman who only owns 5 pairs of shoes - LOL), which is something that drives my girlfriends and hubby crazy. I am wondering if that's a reflection of my failure to grow and change regarding footwear (and other things... LOL). Great post! I'm thinking all sorts of naughty things to go shop for (like more books, new undies and cool hiking boots). ;-)

Jocelynn said...

Yep. I have a strange addiction to shoes and cute underwear, but don't tell anyone! Not everyone is into shoes and I understand that. But I like to think that everyone has that one thing that they are addicted to that expresses their inner self.

Candace said...

I WISH I had a budget for shoes. I used to be able to wobble around in heels almost daily but then I got to college where I had to WALK everywhere, and now heels hurt my feet in so many different places. But I'm trying to get my groove back. Shoes still make me stop and drool, I just don't get to buy them on a whim anymore.

Lately I've been dying for a pair of knee high platform boots for my Halloween costume. Not sure what I would do with them after Halloween though!