Monday, October 10, 2011

Lazy Weekend

"Man Asleep on Couch" by Kevin Cornell
I enjoyed a blissfully quiet weekend where I accomplished NOTHING!  It was awesome.  I hadn't had a weekend like that in a while and I needed it.  For my birthday, we were supposed to either go play Frisbee golf or go to a movie and dinner.  Well, I got caught up looking for a Halloween costume, sucking up my entire day.  I am happy to report that I have order a costume for myself and my O.H.  No, we don't match or anything like that, but I'm also not telling.  I'm hoping to post pictures for Halloween, assuming that everything arrives in time and fits properly.  We did manage to get out to dinner, which was delicious, before crashing for the night.

Saturday was the Renaissance Festival.  I, unfortunately, forgot my camera so I have no pictures to post.  The day was warm and sunny.  We enjoyed the mud show and a little of the Swordsmen show.  We headed over to the joust, but my dear O.H. was concerned over my exposure to the sun so we wandered off to a shadier venue.  Next year, I'm looking into getting a parasol so I can manage walking around a little better.  Naturally, we did some shopping.  I acquired a watch pendant, a tail, and a leather pouch.  He acquired a sword and dagger. (He argued it was for his costume, but I think he just wanted another weapon.)

After the festival, we had dinner with my family.  Dinner was great followed by some bad singing and my niece helping me blow out a candle on a cupcake.  I received some excellent gifts -- including one that makes some my family think I'm strange because I think it's so awesome, but that's not much of a surprise.  We drank some wine, burned some wood, and made a couple massive smores.  It was a very good, exhausting day.

Yesterday, I did nothing.  I think I wandered off the sofa a couple times to let the dog out and that was it.  Played video games and watched some of True Blood season 2. 

Today, I'm back to the grind.  I'm hoping to finish off my short story this week so I can start planning out the second one.  I need to have both shipped off to my editor before the end of November so I can take part in NaNoWriMo with my second novel in the Tattoo Artist Series.  Fingers are crossed.

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