Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Gift of Inspiration

One of the greatest gifts that we have is being surrounded by people who inspire us and drive us to be better than we thought possible. 

It wasn't long ago that I spent my days writing about the stock market and my night scratching out stories about vampires and other dark creatures dear to my heart.  With a day job like that, it's not surprising that I spent a little time covering Apple and Pixar.  I was sort of paid to keep an eye on Steve Jobs.  He seemed to have limitless energy and enthusiasm for what he did; his mind always zipping off to new creations and new ways of catering to the human condition.  Inventor and innovator, shaping the world in so many ways.  He will be missed.

More than just inventor and pioneer, he was driving so many other people in many ways.  More than just being their boss, he was both competition and inspiration for thousands.  More than just creating, he drove so many people forward as they strove to create something great as well.  He gave the world more than great technology and useful gadgets.  He served as inspiration.

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CTannStarr said...

When I think of him I always imagine a sort of "divine influence" because so many of his tech and creative touches directly shaped who I wanted to be as an artist. His company inspired my soul because the Cube was sooooo cool and iPads ROCK!

Pixar is the reason I brought animation software (and I'm still sitting around reading the dummy guides trying to learn how to create something cool). Steve had a way of making everyone believe they could do something useful and cool with their lives. He will be missed...