Friday, July 22, 2011

What Makes A World

The rumors regarding my unfortunate demise ... greatly exaggerated, I swear.

I'm sorry for the extended radio silence. Between the hectic insanity of handing in a book, celebrating the release of a book, and an extended bout of nasty vertigo, I've recently found it hard to get behind my computer. I'm edging back into place now only to leave town in a few days. An opportunity to get out of a town for a little while and relax has presented itself and I jumped on it. I'm taking my laptop and I will try to do a blog post or two with some pictures while I am out of town, but I'm not making any promises. This is my vacation after all. :)

In the good news category, I did hear back from my editor regarding the Mira and Valerio short story. She has approved it and it has been moved along in to the next stage of editing. I should have a release date for the short story in September. I'll keep you updated.

I also have received my revision letter on the first book of the Tattoo Artist series. My editor thinks the book is fabulous, but it still needs some work. I've got a little tweaking to do to the plot and some more worldbuilding to do. As a result, I'll be staring at the wall and making notes for the better part of a week before I actually jump in and start writing again. The edit letter is going with me on vacation in the off chance that I get some inspiration while I'm lounging. I'm looking forward to the worldbuilding bit the most. I love building and twisting new worlds. I'm trying to imagine what this world would be like if all the fairy tale creatures were real and living among us.

Finally, if you have won a contest and are waiting for your book... I swear, it's coming soon. I have just shipped off a large group of books two days ago and I'm preparing another stack to be shipped off tomorrow. I am planning to have all the books in the mail for the addresses that I have before I leave town. When I return home, I hope to have another contest for the blog.

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Tynga said...

Hi Jocelynn ^^
Have a great vacation!
Could you please check your emails from me before you leave? I emailed you concerning the Fantastic Fables event.
Much Love,