Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Contest Winners & More Contests

No fireworks for me.
Nope, none at all. As many of you know, it was the Fourth of July Independence Day celebration for U.S. citizen over the weekend, which equates to cook-outs and fireworks. I, on the other hand, spent most of the weekend in bed with a migraine. I slept and read a lot over the weekend, and that's just about it. That is why I'm late in announcing my winners.

Yes, since I'm late, I've decided to give away 5 signed copies of Burn the Night! The winners are:

Chris Einhaus, who wrote on blogger:
"I would like to win a copy"

Maritza De La Luz, who wrote on blogger:

"I'd like to win a signed copy!! I love your books... I can't seem to put them down."

Tynga, who wrote on blogger:

"THanks for making it international Jocelynn <3"

Cheryl U., who wrote on blogger:

"I love this series and would love to win the final book!"


Ladydeathfaerie, who wrote on LiveJournal:

"what the hell? count me in. it'd be a lovely way to complete my set."

If you are a winner, please email me your name and mailing address to Jocelynn DOT drake AT gmail DOT com within the next week so I can mail out your signed book.Link

If you did not win a copy, there are two more contests that are running right now along with an interview and a guest post about the characters of the Dark Days series.

A Book Obsession

Please check them out!

Also, be sure to come back later this week to get in on another fantastic contest!


Tynga said...

I hope you're feeling better <3
THank you so much Jocelynn! I emailed you ^^
And congrats to the other winners!

Maritza De La Luz said...

I can't believe I won!!!! I'm so happy!! Congrats to the other winners. And Jocelynn, I emailed you my info!! =)

Maritza De La Luz said...

I hope you get it....

CTannStarr said...

Awesome! Kudos and congrats to the winners and I hope you are feeling better. :-)

Jocelynn said...

Thanks so everyone. Yes, I'm feeling better. Maritza, I did get your email.