Monday, June 27, 2011

Urban Fantasy Book Babe Party

This is the week that we've all been waiting for! Yes, the count down is winding down to its final minutes and we're all on pins and needles waiting for the final book of the Dark Days series to be released. Have you pre-ordered? Are you planning to hit the bookstore on Tuesday like a diligent little readers? Yes, yes, I'm sure you are and I thank you for it.

But you must know that there are several fabulous books that are ready to hit the shelves on Tuesday besides Burn the Night! All week long we will be celebrating the release of several fantastic urban fantasy books with the Urban Fantasy Book Babe Party!

On Tuesday, I'll be posting an excerpt from Karina Cooper's "Lure of the Wicked". I got the chance to read this book long before it's scheduled release and I can tell you that it's fabulous! Dark, gritty, and totally sexy.

On Wednesday, I'll be checking on with an excerpt from Merrie Destefano's "Feast: Harvest of Dreams". I believe this is the second book in her series and definitely worth checking out.

On Thursday, I'll be celebrating the release of Burn the Night with links to interviews, guest blogs, and a contest! Come back for cool prizes.

On Friday, we wrap up a killer week with an excerpt from Nicole Murphy's "Rogue Gadda". I'm just enticed by the name and I can't wait to pick all of these books up.

We are going to be doing some serious partying and you don't want to miss out! All these awesome books will be available on Tuesday, June 28 when you hit the bookstores.


Raven said...

I love that poster! New words from you are even better.

Cindy Bailey said...

Do you know that I went to Books A Million yesterday to buy "Burn the Night" (I have been counting down the days...) and they didn't have it!!!!!

CTannStarr said...

We had mad fun reading you during our holiday book club bash. Between you and Vicki Pettersson I barely slept (LOL). Looking forward to what ever you're cooking up next. Enjoy your day! ;-)