Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lure of the Wicked

Happy Dance!
Happy Dance!
Happy Dance!

There's nothing more awesome in the world than book-release Tuesday! Unless, of course, it's your book release! I am happy to announce that Burn the Night has officially hit the shelves! Fly! Fly, my pretty minions, and snatch up the copies! Charge up your e-readers and download the book! The Dark Days is drawing to a close and you don't want to miss this installment.

But I'm not the only one with a new book hitting the shelves. No, I share this date with several fantastic authors and I'm lucky to be counted among their ranks! Today, I'm featuring a look at Karina Cooper's newest book, Lure of the Wicked. I had a chance to read the book several months ago and I thought it was simply wonderful. This is the second book in her series, but I don't think it is absolutely necessary to read them it order. I haven't picked up the first book -- Blood of the Wicked -- yet (but its at the top of my TBR mound) and I understood pretty much everything that's happening in Lure of the Wicked. However, that's not to say that you shouldn't pick up both books.

Book description:

Naomi West was plucked from one prison and placed undercover in another: the gilded cage that is Timeless, New Seattle's premier spa and resort, where owner Phinneas Clarke—the most seductive man Naomi has ever met—may be hiding a killer. She's an agent of the Holy Order, trained to hunt the guilty and render justice. But while she's tracking down a rogue agent on a killing spree, Phin is determined to uncover her most damning—and dangerous—secrets. Whatever the cost.

Book Excerpt:

Her lip curled. "You're going to risk that woman's safety because you can't afford the bad press?"

He flinched, but one hand slashed through the air. "My hands are tied. Alexandra is an extremely private person."

"I don't care if—"

"She chooses," he cut in with the same quiet, deliberate, maddening tone that made her want to deck him square in his too-pretty face, "and in fact insists on maintaining a level of privacy that does not include visits by emergency services."

"That's completely—"

"—What we're contractually obligated to do," he said, his tone as unyielding as the cloudy rose slate beneath his feet. "Now, you should have the clinic check out your arm."

"My arm is fine," she bit out. "That woman—"

"It's your choice, Miss Ishikawa."

Point made. She clicked her teeth together before she said something she was positive rich girls didn't say in the company of polished men like Phinneas Clarke.

His expression remained hooded. Untouchable. "Since you refuse medical care, housekeeping will bring you a cold pack before it bruises. If you'll excuse me." He walked away without another word.

She swallowed every word welling up in her throat, beat down the fury and disgust.

Son of a bitch. She just knew his mind was already going over whatever glib platitudes he intended to foist on everyone.

The man had a silver spoon jammed so far down his throat, it was no wonder his words came out with the same polished gleam. Phin Clarke was smooth.

But how smooth?

The witch in her suite. The old woman in the sauna. Did he know more than he let on?

No. The raw fear in his eyes as he'd maneuvered the unconscious woman out of the death trap of a sauna hadn't been faked.

Had it?


And then there was the uniformed witch in her suite.

"Fuck!" she snarled, ignoring the startled glances from the two women who cleaned up the remains of the glass she'd shattered.

Was Timeless harboring witches?

Wouldn't that just make her goddamn day.

Would you like to read more? Here's a longer excerpt on HarperCollins' website.

So, while you're at the bookstore today or browsing online, check out Lure of the Wicked and Burn the Night. Support your local authors.


Brenda Hyde said...

I had to get the paperback because I have all the rest, and NEED the set. Yes, NEED.

I need to get both of the books in Karina's series. I get weird about reading them in order, and both look SO good. Another kick ass heroine:)

Jocelynn said...

I saw LURE OF THE WICKED in the bookstore today and was so excited to see my quote on the back. I'm such a silly author. But it really is a great book.

Brenda Hyde said...

I'd be excited too:) It seems like the "big time" to be asked what you thought about a book.

Anonymous said...

Whee! Joc, you are a goddess. A thousand times over! The quote you gave me? My, my, I'm feeling pretty polished. ;)

Thank you so much for reading it, I had no idea they'd asked you. <3

Anonymous said...

Jocelynn, is a hardcover edition released yet? I have been looking all over and can only find the paperback!