Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Name That Character Contest

I know! Two blog posts in one day!! This is simply unheard of since I've reached the point where I am now a struggling blogger.

And I'm babbling....

So, I'm working on this new book in my new series. It's slowly unfolding and I'm meeting all these fabulous characters and some real nasty people as well. But I've hit a snag. Actually, it's more than a snag. It's sort of like a thorn. Or maybe a splinter in the tip of my finger that I can't quite pull out and each time I type pain shoots through my finger and across my hand.

Help me remove this splinter!

I need a new name for a character. I've tried twice and I still hate the man's name. The character is one of the main villains. He's a warlock, roughly over a century in age, and is very powerful. He is my main character's former mentor and is making my main character's life a nightmare at the moment.

Description: powerful wizard, white-gray hair that is thinning on top, prefers dark clothing, slightly knotty wooden wand but can weave magic with his bare hands as well, elitist, narrow-minded, snob, power-hungry, and just generally self-centered. All in all, he is an abusive, evil man.

And now I need a name for him!
He was first named Godfried (yuck, I don't know what I was thinking)
He is currently called Royce (less yucky than Godfried but still not a good fit)
Any ideas? Please leave me suggestions in my comments.

But you said this was a contest! What will I win?
1. You will walk away with the knowledge that you helped out a poor author and that your thoughts are now in a published work. (Doesn't that feel good?)
2. I will attempt to put your name in the acknowledgements of this book for helping me.
3. When I get my author copies, I will also throw in a signed copy of Burn the Night.

Disclaimer: This contest is purely subjective. I will choose a name based on my own taste and needs of the book. The final choice of the name is also subject to approval by my editor. If she doesn't approve of the name, there's nothing I can do about it.

Good luck! Thanks for your help!


YzhaBella's BookShelf said...

Ivon, Drake, Hamilton, Preston, Gregor,....

Lots I can come up with!

mleger0546 (AT) rogers (DOT) com

Alexx said...

here is an Idea

Elexandru Romanescu

Sharon said...

Simon, Dwight, Albert, Merlin (okay that was a joke ), Chandler, Ross

Anonymous said... about Kaiden, Jarreth, Murdock, Bacchus? That's all I can think of at the moment, lol.

Raina said...

Character names always drive me crazy when I'm writing. Maybe Edwin, Everett, Victor or William?

C D said...


Jennzah said...

name him Bellic (BELL-LICK). i love that name and it just screams evil to me. :)

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Mardochaios (Greek)

susan said...

you could try oscar, oliver, alexander, fredrick, and as he is supp to b a snob he could add the title lord in front of his name

good luck with the name search!



Anonymous said...

Ryder, Mason, Lash, Radoslave

Lisa Klaus

Coast to Coast with Costina said... are some ideas

Balthazar, Darroc, Alderon, Godric, Orion, Abaddon, Ravan, Damien....

Good luck!

mmph said...

I only have one name to offer, but I think it may hold up pretty well to your character description.
I hope!


Jocelynn said...

You guys are so fabulous! I see this is going to be a hard one to choose.

Vinny K said...

Hmm... Here are a couple suggestions: Marcus, Alucard, Bremin, Percival, Victor, Roman, Logan, Aiden...
If I think of something else more fitting, I'll send it in. May fortune smile upon you.


Lisa P. Coder said...

Why not name him Thorn?

Christine said...

Dimitri; Ezel; Hadar; Marcus; Cain; Bryce or Bryson; Calvin....

Jennifer funk said...

Raydon, Sykora (sikora), Alexander, cazier (kazeer), claussen.

Debbie said...


Angel said...

How about Justanus

Steven said...

I'm not sure how exotic you're wanting to get but I'll throw out the name I use for my warlock in an online game: Anbhas. It's a Gaelic word which means violent death, particularly associated with things like murder.

tami said...

Thaddeus is a good snooty older name.
I also liked Nathaniel and Leander.

Jessica said...

Damien is a good name! It's a name I plan on using in a book I'm mentally drafting, along with several others! But I don't mind sharing it!

Damien I liked because the name has a sinister edge to it. Kind of close to the word "demon", in a sense!


Rachel said...

I like Julius, Lucius, or Malcolm. I also like Marcus but I see several others have picked that name as well.

Wierdlings said...

Tyrian, Sarian, Xavier, or Chaucer.


Natasha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natasha said...

Sorry, I forgot a name, but I wasn't able to delete the other one properly :(

So here I try Again . . . lol

A few more suggestions for what it’s worth . . .

Tallenin or Tallin or Tallien (My Favorite Villain names)
Mycroft (LOL Totally joking, but it’s the snootiest name I can think of)
Antanacio or Atanasio
Thanatos (LOL)
Renkith or Kerenkith
Sebastian (lol, sorry again, but simple & snobbish)

Hope some of that helps :)

Ally said...

Oh, I know how you feel. I had a fairy I had to rename 4 or 5 times and she wasn't even a main character! It drove me batty!

Greek: Herodotus, Boreas, Charon
Irish Gaelic: Bhaltair, Dalach, Lochlann
I just like these: Klaus, Fell

Rachael said...

I think Balthazar or Orion seem fitting. I saw someone else posted these names, great choices!

susan60625 said...

For some reason the name Percival is sticking in my mind. Just a thought.

Raven said...

Simon Thorne. (Since he's such been more than a snag, but a thorn.) Only those of us who read your blog will get the pun.
I think it sounds powerful, but also snobbish.

Best of luck in whatever you decide.
Sorry he's being a jerk already.

elaing8 said...

How about

AF said...

Suggestions as followed:


Vinny K said...

I've thought of a few more: Dante, Montaigne, Petraeus(usually a surname, but I think it would be an interesting first name), Carlisle, Blake, Gordon... More to come, maybe. I hope you find one you like!

Sincerely yours,

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...


Just a few ideas...

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

Abraxas. The name to me is powerful and wicked which seems to suit the character. When reading his description it was the first name that came to mind. It's different and other than hearing it on a TV show years ago I've never read about a character with the name.

Good luck.

Mel Thomas

Michelle (Ramblings of a BookCrosser) said...

Great contest idea. Here's what I brainstormed:

Devlon (or Devlyn)

Bethany C. said...

How about Bill Belichick? He's an evil wizard (just kidding) (not really.)
So um...Aldridge?
Anscom is Old English and means 'a dweller in the secret valley.' And looks like it's pronounced with the word 'scum' in it, so that's a plus for a bad guy.
Beval ('like the wind')
Blakely ('from the black meadow')
Burle ('knotted wood')
Dryden ('from the dry valley')
Duane (dark, from the dunes)
Hamilton (from the crooked hill)
...and I'm out


Alicia said...


Candace said...

I really like Michelle's suggestion, Abraxas.

Does it have to be exotic? Sometimes I feel like the simplest names work well for a nasty character.

Tom always seemed like a deceptive name. Maybe it's cause I've read Harry Potter so many times...

Yet Peng said...

The first thing that came to my head was Salazar Slytherin, but that's copyright so.. How about Ravier Hohenheim?

mariska said...

- Randall Mandrake..
- Matchitehew (means : he has an evil heart)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Anonymous said...

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