Friday, June 10, 2011

Contest and Reviews

I'm not feeling all that great today, so this is more of a drive-by blogging. Thanks for your patience.

I'm currently working on revising the rough draft of the first Tattoo Artist book. It's slowly coming together and I'm still very happy with what I have written.

In the meantime, reviews have started to trickle in about Burn the Night: The Final Dark Days book and they are good. If you'd like to read what the critics are saying, check out:

Literary Escapism


Larissa's Bookish Life

These are fantastic blogs for information on books, particularly urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I would add them to your list of blogs that you follow.

Also, I have thrown in a donation to another great blog's contest. I Smell Sheep is running a "match the author with their pet" contest! Enter in your best guess and you could win a fabulous prize! I know I've show pictures of my pet(s) before so the guess for my pic should be easy. Good luck!


Yet Peng said...

I'm so jealous that they've read Burn the Night already..Life is unfair!!
haha I'm very excited for the 28th!!it's going to be so awesome!!:D

Brenda Hyde said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. I have a cold-- that's not suppose to happen in warm weather!

Congrats on the good reviews. I try to avoid them until I've read the book. I know I'm going to buy yours when they come out so I don't need a review:)