Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Contest & A New Scene

So, the release of Burn the Night is just about two weeks away and you're needing a fix to hold you over. I mean, it's been a long time since you had some fresh Mira and Danaus lovin', right?

Well, just so you can get through the next few days, I've pulled together a quick little scene featuring Mira and Danaus. Larissa's Bookish Life is holding a summer celebration and she needed a guest blog on the theme of summer. What better chance than that to let Mira and Danaus stretch their legs? I really enjoyed diving briefly back into their lives. I don't think I've lost my touch just yet, which is reassuring.

To read the scene, click here to go to Larissa's Bookish Life, which is just a fabulous blog!

Also, be sure to leave a comment to enter to win a signed copy of Wait for Dusk.

Also, wander around the site and bookmark it as I believe she has other giveaways planned.

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