Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Deadlines can be a scary, scary thing. I just laid out my newest round of deadlines for the next year and it's looking like I am going to be one very busy writer. My final draft of the first Tattoo Artist book is due to my editor on July 1, but first I must finish my draft of the Mira and Valerio novella, which I am hoping to have released about the same time as Burn the Night. So, my Tattoo Artist book is being put on the backburner this week while I tidy up the novella before handing it in next week.

Assuming that all goes well with the novella and the first book, I will then be turning my attention to a pair of short stories that we are hoping to release around the time of the release of the first Tattoo Artist book. I've got an idea for one short story, but I am blanking on an idea for the second one. I think something will present itself after I have had time to finish the first book. After the short stories are done, I will begin working on the second book in the Tattoo Artist series. Of course, in the midst of all that writing I will be doing revisions of everything that I turn in. So, just throw in a handful of more deadlines.

What's more, I have started to pull my Burn the Night blog tour together! I have scheduled at least 14 stops, which will include interviews of me, character interviews, original scenes, radio appearances, and contests. Be sure to stay close throughout June and July for information on all these stops! You don't want to miss out.

With all these deadlines, I guess I should be glad that the weather is so ugly. For nearly a month, we have had nothing but rain and gray skies. I can count on one hand the number of sunny days we've had. It also doesn't help that it has also turned cold. I am so looking forward to summer when the rain finally disappears and I can look out my office window at blue skies.

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