Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Calling All Bloggers!

Time is ticking down until the release of Burn the Night: The Final Dark Days Novel and I am attempting to organize a blog tour to celebrate the release of the book and the grand conclusion to the Dark Days series. I have lined up a few stops on my blog tour but I am looking for more wonderful blogs where I can spread secrets and give away prizes! Do you have a blog that takes a look at books and authors? Would you be interested in having me stop by your blog to complete an interview, host a contest, and/or submit a special guest blog? I would be honored to make myself available to your questions! Just drop me an email at JocelynnDOTdrakeATgmailDOTcom.

In the meantime, I am continuing to chip away at the first book in the Tattoo Artist series. My progress has slowed as I am battling a fight scene that just doesn't want to be written. I feel like if I can get through this chapter then it will be downhill for several chapters before I hit the next tough scene.

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