Thursday, March 24, 2011

Think. Think. Think.

To quote Pooh Bear: "Think. Think. Think."

The taste of spring that I was enjoying has died on my tongue today as the weather has quickly shifted from 70's and sunny to 30's and overcast. For the first time in days, the heater has kicked on in my house and I searching out a sweatshirt to wear while I work. The trees and shrubs in my yard are slowly turning green and it gives me hope that this might be one of the last really cold spells before spring takes over completely. One would think that I would enjoy today's nasty weather as I have no longing to play outside and should easily get some work done. However, the gray skies have put me in a blah mood and the words are reluctant to settle on the page.

Work on the novella slowed this week. I started off strong, but the energy toward writing quickly flagged as other issues popped up, demanding my attention. I wish there was only the blank page and me, sometimes. I wish I could keep my mind locked in worlds of my own creation and didn't have to worry about business decisions. Unfortunately, I find my life sitting at an important crossroads as there has been a sudden, but expected, change regarding my dayjob. Glittering opportunities have fallen into my lap and they are very tempting, but I hesitate as I try to evaluate the usage of my time as well as what is the most important to me.

My life had fallen into a nice, predictable flow for a long time, so I can only guess that I was overdue for some life-altering decisions. These are the truly scary moments in life. At some point, I'm going to have to jump and take a risk or suffer losing all the opportunities before me. If I've learned anything, it is wise to thoroughly evaluate all your options and the consequences of your potential decisions, but don't hesitate too long or you will lose everything.


Steven said...

Well at least your biggest problem right now is too much success! =)

Jocelynn said...

I count myself extremely lucky and I am grateful. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that is terrified of making the wrong big decision so I often hesitate too long. I need to learn to just jump sometimes.

John Hinckley said...

If you're torn between more writing opportunities and your day job, I hope you choose writing!