Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Final Look

I received the final edits for Burn the Night yesterday and I've plunged in, eager to re-read the final book in the series. I feel myself smiling as there are comments that touch on every book in the series, including the short story in Unbound at some point in this book. It's tying together all of the threads one last time. I think, unconsciously, Mira and I were reaching out and touching hands with everyone we had met so that we could say good-bye one last time.

It's a little sad to know that this is the last time that I will walk down this path with Danaus and Mira, but I feel very good about this book. Actually, I think it has become my favorite in the series. They go through a lot in this final book, but it is all worth it in the end. It's what I've been building toward since the first book, Nightwalker.

For now, the edits are light. An extra word here that needs to taken out, or a word that needs to be changed. It's like walking through a house that you're moving out of one last time and checking to make sure that you've gotten everything out of the house. It's time to close the door one last time.


Kim said...

It makes me sad to know the series is ending . I love it and just recently read the whole series and was looking forward to more .Then find out the next book is the last. I just hope that you was able to give Danaus and mira closure ,a happy ending .

Anonymous said...

I just hope that with this series ending that you will have another on the way. You are an excellent writer and this series has fast become a favorite of mine. I am sad the story is coming to an end, because I just want to keep reading it. I look forward to whatever you write next.

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

I'll be so sad saying goodbye to Danaus and Mira! I love them and their world!

Im really looking forward to "Burn The Night"


Ladysmith said...

There better be a heck of a HEA for Danaus and Mira, after coming through so much! Tell your agent from us to get that next contract lined up pronto! Lots of fans are looking forward to your next bestseller and the launch of a new series.

Jessica said...

It's still shocking to me that the series is coming to an end!! I do look forward to seeing how Danaus and Mira's journey ends and what will happen between them and all.

Look forward to reading it though!!

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