Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two of Me

Sometimes I wish there were two of me. A third version of me wouldn't be bad either to take care of the house cleaning, but I could make due with two versions of me. I am currently working on two separate book proposals for my editor, who appears to be looking forward to seeing both. Unfortunately, I can't work on both at the same time. As I make progress on one project, my mind thinks back to the second proposal that has not had any progress made for a few days. So I switch, and then the other feels neglected. I need two of me.

At the moment, the first book proposal needs only the completion of some sample chapters. However, I am having some trouble finding a good breaking point. I am really enjoying writing this book and I don't want to stop. As I look at the outline, I think I am nearing a good point, but it's going to take a few more days.

The second book proposal needs a synopsis (yuck) and the completion of the sample chapters. This one is another case of not knowing when to stop. I really like writing this book too and I'm not sure the breaking point. I also need to give it a thorough review before sending it on.

My fingers are currently crossed that I will have it all completed before the end of next week. I would like my editor to have full week to look at everything before the Thanksgiving holiday so we can potentially start talking about the next step forward in writing.

Regardless of what is decided, I am using the first project for my NaNoWriMo book. I have been keeping up with the daily writing goal so far and even staying slightly ahead. I am hoping to make some extra progress today considering the copyedits for BURN THE NIGHT arrive in two weeks. I will probably have to put the project aside so I can complete the copyedits on time.

If I am have learned anything, November is always a busy month for me.

As a side note, I have posted my monthly blog entry over at Supernatural Underground today. Pop by and check it out!

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