Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anxiety Grows

There's only a few more days until the release of Pray for Dawn and I have to admit that I am growing more and more anxious about the book hitting the shelves. Now, I have to admit that I get nervous before every book, despite the fact that I would now be considered something of a veteran with four books in the shelves. There are still things that I'm learning and mistakes that I'm making, but the learning curve isn't as steep as it once was.

I think one of the reasons that I am so anxious about this book is due to the fact that I changed storytellers with Pray for Dawn. The point of view switches from Mira, the vampire, to Danaus, the vampire hunter. I thought after listening to Mira tell her side of the story for three books that it was time for Danaus to have his shot at the spotlight for a while.

Another important thing about Pray for Dawn is that is very quietly lays out what both Mira and Danaus want most in the world, what is truly important to them.

And naturally, I start to move along their relationship a little further in this book, which should please some readers who have been patiently waiting for Danaus to make a move.

For a peek at my truly neurotic behavior when it comes to the release of a book, I have posted a blog entry over at Fangs Fur & Fey about the release of a book and the anxiety associated with it.

Also, some of you may have seen it already, but I have posted below the video I made last fall while in Savannah. This video takes a look at some of the places that appear in Pray for Dawn. Enjoy!

Stay tuned. As soon as I receive my author copies of Pray for Dawn, there will be contests!!!


kathy said...

I actually spotted a copy of Pray for Dawn while perusing the book aisle in Walmart this morning. I snatched it right up, and I plan to get lost in it later this afternoon. I know that some stores put books on the shelf before the official release date. I'm not sure if that would be frustrating or not from the author's point of view. As a fan, I'm all for it. :)

Cat @ Beyond Books said...

I just had to tell you that I have made my father one of your biggest fans - to the point that he's going out and buying ME Pray for Dawn (and book 5) since my husband was laid off and I have stopped buying books so that I can focus on boring things like the mortgage and food. He told me last night it was one of the best series he's ever read in his life.

I'm going to be an awesome daughter and let him read them first (even though he bends covers - the horror!). But it's rare that my father ever raves about books anymore, so you've made him very happy!

soup na(t)zi said...

I feel like you have nothing to worry about! After I won a copy of the e-arc for Pray for Dawn, I obviously read it immediately and have to say that it's *SO* hands down, my favourite book in the series...LOVEEEEEE that D is the narrator, and absolutely loved the writing and where you took the story. I have heart palpitations when I think about how long I have to wait for WFD in July...le sigh.
Anyhow, good luck with the release/reception, it's going to be fabulous!

JackJack said...

I won an e-ARC and read it right away and i must say that it is my favorite book!! Definitely loved Danaus' point of vew, and like soup na(t)zi, i have palpitations thinking about WFD! I don't think you have much to worry about about this release. Amazing book! :)

Jocelynn said...

Thanks for all your wonderful support!

Moonsanity said...

We just got back from Florida and I thought about you as we went through Georgia--unfortunately we didn't go to Savannah or the coast since it was out of the way. I did pick up a cool booklet for it at the travel center. (My husband says "Umm... you know we aren't going near there, right?". Geesh:)

I know the book is going to be a huge success. I'm preordering it today at B&N because I don't know if I will be able to get it locally next week in our small town. I think the change of POV is going to be very cool! Breathe deeply and have some tea:)