Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recap of Day 3 at RT Convention

It was a late night and now an early morning, so I'm just a little groggy as I type these words. Friday was a great day. I actually got the chance to attend a couple panels! But first, I had lunch with Devon Monk, Jenna Black, and a lovely aspiring writer named Jessica. We talked a little shop and Jenna had some trouble with her order, but all was well in the end.

Afterward, I went to a panel on writing kick-ass fight scenes. It was very cool and informative. One author was out demonstrating how to use a sword and some of the proper stances. Meanwhile, another gave information on kickboxing, while a third provided information on guns. It took notes and will be applying their ideas to futures books.

A second panel I attended was an Urban Fantasy panel about how it melds together so many genres. It was a chance to see my friends Vicki Pettersson, Jeaniene Frost, and Melissa Marr. Here is the one picture that I managed to take while they were on the panel.

Not too long after the panel, all the HarperCollins authors went up to the third floor for the Avon From Dusk til Dawn Mixer, which offered free signed books, alcohol, and food. It was a huge hit! In less than a hour, I signed more than 200 copies of Dawnbreaker for readers and gave away all the swag I had brought for the event.

Here is a picture Vicki Pettersson with her massive pile of books. She is hugging them because this is the first time that she had gotten to see a printed copy of her new book before it is released.

Here is a picture I captured of Melissa Marr hugging her bottle of Vampire wine. My publisher was kind enough to supply us with a lovely candle and a bottle of wine for signing books.

Here is a sneaky picture I snapped of Jeaniene Frost as she was speaking to someone. She is as lovely as ever surrounded by her books.

Finally, the always composed and wonderful Kelley Armstrong with her amazing Young Adult series.

I have a giant signing today from 11 to 2 and I have my fingers crossed that I will be signing lots of books for my wonderful readers. Then tonight we are supposed to attend the Mr. Romance Contest. I will report back all the goodness that happens.


Moonsanity said...

Vicki told us on facebook how excited she was when she got to hold the book. I won an ARC and man, it is awesome. VERY cool pics!

I'll bet you were exhausted after signing 200 freaking books!!! That is crazy:)

Wine-- that seems like a good move...

Jocelynn said...

I am so exhausted now after Saturday's signing and other events. I am currently hiding in my room, waiting for room service. I am glad to be going home tomorrow.