Saturday, April 24, 2010

Can You Guess Where I've Been?

I'm sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight home. I'm hearing that there's a tornado warning waiting for me in Cincinnati, which makes me fear that my flight is going to be delayed. Boo! However, I've got a few minutes to check in and say hi! While I was gone, I discovered that the Science Fiction Book Club will be publishing a copy of Pray for Dawn, so if you're a member you will be able to get a hardback version of the book that way! My publicist is also trying very hard to schedule an out-of-town signing for me. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll post an update as soon as I hear something solid.

In the meantime, I'm sunburned in strange places and my feet are sore, but I'm relaxed. I'm ready to jump back into book 6 and finish it at long last. I've reached the halfway point in the book and things are going to pick up speed very soon. I've got a little over a month to finish writing it and edit it. Wish me luck. With the RT convention coming up next week, it's going to be a tight writing schedule.

Since I haven't been around recently, let's play a game. I'm going to post some pictures and I want to see if you can guess where I've been for the past week!

Do you know now?

How about now?

Last clue....

Yep, I've been in Florida at Walt Disney World along with a quick jaunt over to Clearwater Beach (which is where I acquired my sunburn).


Traci (aka the Bookbabe) said...

It seem surreal that Mira's creator has enjoyed such a "normal" vacation! Hope you had a wonderful time - certainly wish I could run away to WDW myself. Been a looooooooong time since I've been....

Candace said...

Glad to have you back, and sounds like you had a nice vacation. :) Disney is always great!