Monday, March 22, 2010

A Busy Weekend

The constant ticking by of days with no words written has begun to finally wear on my last nerve. I write. I write constantly. I might take a weekend off to catch up on day-to-day life, but the writing is there in the back of my mind. But it has been nearly two weeks with a total of fewer than 1,000 words written. I'm afraid of losing my mental contact with this book. I'm afraid of Mira and Danaus turning their backs on me out of neglect. I'm afraid of losing my touch. And I simply miss telling stories.

My right hand is improving. I can feel it, but I have been pushing it lately during my dayjob and I think I'm going to regret it in the long run. I'm sore this evening, but I need to type. Just for a little while.

The weekend was busy, which helped to take my mind off writing until today. We went shopping, picking up some clothes for my vacation to Florida in three weeks. I still have to pick up a bathing suit and I'm dreading it. I hate bathing suit shopping. It's always very crushing to the ego.

We also picked up a fresh propane tank, so we had our first dinner off the grill for the year. The weekend was so nice, allowing us to spend most of it outside. In fact, we had our first evening walk of the year. Yes, spring is finally here.

Sunday was a day spent geo-caching. My brother picked up a GPS and we went wandering through a number of local parks and woods looking for treasures. If you've never looked into geo-caching, you go to and get a series of latitude and longitude coordinates. Program the coordinates into your GPS and then go to that location. After some searching, you should locate a box, canister, or even a pill bottle marked "geocache". In the log, you mark when you found the cache. Most of the time, it has items. You take one and then you leave something of your own. It's an awesome game and it's everywhere.

The doctor says I have two weeks left until my hand has healed completely. Cross your fingers. I miss writing.


Melanie Golden said...

Yes, Geocatching is a SECRET game! haha.

Moonsanity said...

I can't imagine how frustrating it must be not to be able to write like you are used to, but 2 weeks and then you can get back to normal. I'm SURE Mira and Danaus will understand, and losing your touch is just not possible:) They are patiently waiting for you to continue. *snicker*

We are going to Florida in June, taking the kids to Disney World for the first time. I just bought an exercise bike. We shall see if I go swim suit shopping or not:)