Thursday, February 11, 2010

And Nobody Died

All right. I swear this is going to be a really short post tonight because it's late and I need to do a load of laundry so that I have something respectable to where to the gym tomorrow.

I am happy to report that I hit my word count goal yet again tonight, bringing in a total of 3,224 words. I am still on track to finish the book on time (so long as it doesn't run too long). I finished Chapter 4 of Book 6 and no one died. I know! Can you believe it? Danaus and Mira were in a chapter together with several other characters and NO ONE DIED. Either Mira or I are losing our touch. So sad. However, I plan to make up for it tomorrow night with Chapter 5. There will be much killing and a couple hard decisions to be made.

I was forced to break my diet tonight, unfortunately. I'm on a strict calorie/protein/fat diet and it doesn't currently include coffee. I don't drink coffee black. I like my coffee sweet with lots of wonderful creamer. So, I wasted many calories on coffee tonight just so that I could stay awake enough to hit my word count. The positive is that I am still under my calorie limit for the day. The minus is that I ingested bad calories. I'm hoping to make up for it tomorrow at the gym during my appointment with my trainer. It will be arms and core day. Ouch. My poor tummy.

One other side effect of the coffee is that I am now wide awake when I should be getting ready for sleep. Sigh. It's going to be a long night.


jacabur1 said...

I share your caffeinated pain. My weak spot is anything carbonated, Dr Pepper being the main culprit for the caffeine and the sugar.
Yay on the word count and don't worry you will burn off the "bad stuff" during workout tomorrow..

jackie b central texas

Jocelynn said...

Thanks Jackie! I was so good about giving up caffeine for the past few weeks, but I knew I wasn't going to get through tonight without a little coffee-related help.

Anonymous said...

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