Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Productive Sunday

It has been a massively productive Sunday so far, which is very surprising. But then, I guess it shouldn't be. I've always gotten some of my best work done over the weekend. I suppose that I'm accustomed to doing my dayjob during the week and my writing over the weekend. Today, I finished the last little bit of my synopsis, which leaked onto seven pages, and sent it off to my editor for approval. If my copyedits for Wait for Dusk don't arrive on Monday, I'll start writing book 6 then. With any luck, I'll get the opening chunk of book 6 done by the time I hear from my editor with her suggestions.

After finishing my synopsis, I got caught up with my emails. If you were waiting for a response on something from me, it should be sitting in your inbox. If it's not there, then I didn't receive your email. My inbox is officially empty. In fact, I've got a couple emails that I need to send out just saying "hi" to some fellow writers. I have sworn that I'm going to be better about writing my friends this year. Writing can be a lonely business sometimes, and I think writing my fellow writing friends will help make 2010 a very happy year.

Speaking of resolutions, I have posted a blog entry over at Fangs Fur & Fey about my New Year's Resolutions. Go check it out! This is a great place to hear some thoughts from some amazing Urban Fantasy writers.

As for the rest of my day, I can't think much past lunch. Lunch sounds really good. I guess I'll fit in exercise and some music practice in there as well. Maybe I'll download some new music to my iPod. Oooooo.... I can try to come up with a new playlist for Book 6. That's a good idea.

Have a great Sunday!


LiLi said...

Oh, playlist! I've trying to get more of my essays done for this week since it's midterm week so wish me luck!

Traci (aka the Bookbabe) said...

Speaking of keeping in touch with friends, I've decided to go "old school" this year and write real, honest-to-God letters to those that I owe a "hello". I'm so awful about emailing people, I thought this would be better. Plus, I think it shows more intention - it takes time to write an old-fashioned letter!

Hopefully I stick to this all year...

Jocelynn said...

LiLi: Yep, I updated my song collection with about 200 news songs migrated from another computer. A new playlist was made for Mira.

Traci: Good luck with the letter writing. I've completed a few emails already this year so I'm on the right path.