Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Good Weekend

It's been a good weekend. I have to admit that I think the Independence Day holiday is one of my all-time favorites. It seems less rushed and hectic than the other holidays. There's lots of good food, games, and the best of all, fireworks. My brothers, father, and myself are total pyromaniacs. We love anything that burns and explodes. A cascade of sparkles, a shower of burning embers, a thunderous explosion, the smell of burning sulfur. Ahh... that's what makes this holiday great.

So, I'm a little strange. Is it any wonder that Mira is the Fire Starter? Not really. I've been hypnotized by fire since I was very young.

We shot a video this year on the proper usage of bottle rockets. I promise to post a link here if it actually makes it to YouTube. I'm still debating on whether to allow its release. We'll see.

On the revision front, Friday and Saturday were not quite as productive as I would have hoped. However, I did make some very good progress today and there is a slim chance that I might actually finish the revisions by their due date -- the end of next weekend. Fingers are crossed.
For those that love cover art, I have posted a couple new covers over on my Facebook page recently, but haven't posted them here. Sorry for the delay.

Here is my cover for the German edition of Nightwalker.

In addition, here is the Science Fiction Book Club omnibus edition of Dark Days, which includes Nightwalker and Dayhunter.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Jessica Kennedy said...

Love both covers. The German one is especially cool.

We had a good 4th. Family was up to visit and stayed in our house. They JUST left. It was good times. :)

Candace said...

Wow, the german cover is gorgeous!