Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deleted Scenes and Evil Schemes

So, I'm supposed to be working on the edits for Book 4. Have I gotten far? Not even close. Things started off strong this morning. I had started edits by 8:30 a.m., but took a break after an hour to go mow the lawn. Then it was a shower, lunch, and off to see Transformers 2, which I must say was pretty freaking awesome!

By the time I got home, it was emails, dinner, updating the Web site, and an evil scheme that currently needs my attention to get rolling. But my lovely readers are benefitting today from my many distractions. The Web site update not only included the cover blurb and cover for Dawnbreaker, but I have also released a previously unseen deleted scene from Dayhunter. Go check it out on my Web site on the Dayhunter page, as it fits nicely with what Mira is facing in Dawnbreaker.

On to my evil scheme...

I've been mentioning for the past couple weeks that I plan to give away a cool prize in an upcoming contest as soon as I finish the edits for Book 4. However, I started thinking today that I should make this contest bigger. I know a lot of cool authors. I know a lot of cool authors that would like to reach some new readers. I know some cool readers that would like some autographed books. Shouldn't I try to bring these lovely sets of people together like peanut butter and jelly? So a flurry of emails hit the Internet this evening and the responses are starting to slowly trickle in. We will have autographed books to be won over the next several weeks. I'm not going to start throwing out names until I get a few more confirmations, but this is going to be fun.

Be sure to check back frequently for updates, contests, and interviews. The summer is just starting to heat up.


Jessica said...

Oooh, that does sound evil! I LOVE being evil! ;)

I'll be back!!!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Jocelynn!

Loved the deleted scene, wish it had stayed in the book!

Dawnbreaker was such an excellent addition to the series, and I can't wait for Unbound. Is Eos publishing it as well?

Dottie :)

Jessica Kennedy said...

Thanks for sharing!

Looking forward to the contest! Hope it includes Rachel Vincent! She's awesome!

Loved the deleted scene. I'm sad that it wasn't used! It was perfect!

I'm guessing the ARCs of Dawnbreaker were sent out. :( I didn't get one.

Jocelynn said...

I'm glad to hear you're excited about the contest.

Dottie, that's awesome that you got a copy of Dawnbreaker. Unbound is also an Eos book.

I have not sent out any ARCs yet because I have not received them. I think the only ones to go out are the 10 that Eos sent out.

Candace said...

Ooooh, I am really looking forward to the contests!

Will definitely take a look at that deleted scene, but i'm going to force myself to not look until i'm done w/ my paper and read it as a reward for when i finish writing all 8 pages!

Jessica Kennedy said...

Glad to see Rachel's included in the contest! :)

10 ARCs from Eos is not enough! :) j/k

I'll be a patient Jocelynn fan. Maybe they'll send me one later? :(