Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Introspective Afternoon

Saturday was my last full day in Charlotte, NC and I can't think of a better way to have spent it. I got the chance to meet with my good friend, fellow writer, and personal mentor over the past several years. She was there when I made my first pitch to a publisher, stumbled through my first conference, suffered through a seemingly endless barrage of rejection letters, and gained both my agent and editor. She's always been there with her wit and wisdom ready for me when I needed a quick pick-me-up or just some sage advice when self-doubt was overwhelming.

Yesterday, I planted myself at her house for several hours where we were able to catch up, tell tall tales with her wonderful family, and eat lots of good food. I had a great relaxing afternoon, which is just what I needed to recharge my batteries. I'm ready to jump back into writing. Or in my particular case at the moment, revisions of Book 4.

While sitting on the back porch in a pair of comfortable chairs under the shade, I brought up a topic that has been eating away at the back of my brain for a few months now. Ending a series. She's written a few series and is drawing close to ending yet another one. I was wondering if she felt any resistance or regret at ending a series.

I've been making some long-term sketches for the series and I've come to realize that there is a definite ending to Mira and Danaus's stories. Don't worry! This is a long, long, long way off if I have my way about it. However, I have to have a long-term goal that I'm working toward for the entire series; something that I'm edging toward with each book. I have to admit that the idea of not having Mira and Danaus around every day is a very scary thought for me. They have been constant companions for more than five years. It feels as if I would be losing some of my family. Yet, at some point, everyone has to move on with their lives, including book characters.

After talking with my mentor, I think I will be ready for it when the series ends, but it's gonna hurt and I am very grateful that the end is still very far away.

I know I don't say it enough, but thanks to all my readers for joining me on this roller-coaster ride. I love spending time in the Dark Days world and I'm glad you're here to enjoy it with me.

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