Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to Work

Dayhunter has officially hit the shelves and appears to be doing well. I've been getting kind reports from family and friends that are having trouble getting their copies because the bookstores have been selling out. It's a good sign.

Just as a heads up to readers: if you can't find it, please oh please, ask a bookseller. If they don’t have it, those lovely people will order more, which makes my publisher and me very happy people.

In the meantime, my publisher is striving to keep me busy. No rest for the wicked. The final edits for Dawnbreaker just landed on my doorstep and they are due back to my publisher by May 15. However, my publisher will be receiving them well before that date. No, it's not because I'm such a diligent little worker. (I'm the slacker, procrastinator type). It's because my lovely editor promised to have my revision letter for book 4 to me next week. She's already warned me that it needs a lot of work. Ugh.

So to save my sanity, I have to have the edits for Dawnbreaker completely done before I receive that letter, allowing me to turn my complete focus on Book 4 and all it's juicy, gritty, dark fun. After that's done, I finally get to start on Book 5, which needs lots and lots and lots of work. You know, like a plot, subplots, location, dialogue, maybe even a few characters. In other words, the whole book.

Enough rambling from me tonight.

Just as a reminder, I have a contest running for a free signed Dayhunter and a mug. I am reordering magnets so if they arrive in time, I'll throw those in with the lot. The contest ends on Saturday, May 2. Please leave a comment in the previous entry.


M Larson said...

Any idea when Dayhunter will be available on Kindle? I can't wait to read it! Thanks!

Jessica Kennedy said...

OH noes M Larson! I'm sooo glad I got the ARC of this otherwise I'd be going apesh!t! I HATE waiting for books to release on the Kindle too!

Can't wait for book 3 Jocelynn! I'm sooo glad it's not too terribly far away!

Thanks for the magnets, btw! The were a pleasant surprise and very well done! :)

ollieree said...

Ditto M. Larson. Waiting for the Kindle version. Have been checking daily. Thanks!

Fantasy Dreamer said...

You sound so busy but it also sounds like you have gotten a lot done too. Being a fellow procrastinator I know how it feels when there is so much to do but it always feels good when you get done what needs to be done. Here's to hoping the edits go smoothly.

Take care,

SInsforsaken said...

OMFG joccelyn if ur reading this this is jacob hale i m in AZ and yes i am a man that is captivated by ur books that enthrall me in ways that sometimes doesnt seem rihgt but always keep me coming back for more... at the end of each book u left me cheated and screaming at mira and danaus" just scew eachothers brains out !!!" i need my next fix plse jocelynn give me it..../cry T.T ps i luv u and no way at all am i crazy... just deprived.....