Friday, March 27, 2009

Work Is Piling Up

The work is piling up and it's not a pretty sight. The book that should have been finished this week is still sitting across the room, glaring at me. Things have managed to come up all week, limiting me to a paltry 1,500 words. It's really frustrating considering that I'm so close to the freaking end!

Well, I really can't complain too much. It's been mostly some maintenance items that I've been putting off for a really long time because I was busy writing. Unfortunately, they finally reached a point where they had to be completed or the world would come to an end in a blaze of fire and brimstone.

But Tonight! Tonight, I'm going to shut the door, unplug from the Internet (gasp!), and finish at least one of the last two chapters. It'll be positively lovely.

However, in the meantime, I do have a couple items that I need to throw out to the world.

The last of my copies of Dayhunter arrived. I have selected a few reviewers and contacted them via email. I'm sorry if you aren't receiving an advance copy. It was once again really hard to choose, but don't lose hope. If my final copies arrive before I leave for Florida on April 18, I will mail out some copies to the reviewers that I still have on my list.

I have ordered mugs of the promotion of Dayhunter. When it gets closer to the release (and I get my copies of the book), I will be holding some swag contests. Because everyone loves free stuff, right?

Don't forget to pop over to Eos Books -- The Next Chapter. They are giving away 5 copies of Dayhunter for review. Hurry and sign up now!

And finally, because I think I've lost my mind, my web site designer and I will be attempting to film a video or two this week. Do you have any questions that you would like me to address in the video? Leave a comment and I will try to touch on the topic!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Jocelynn!

The world ending in fire and brimestone?--nah, just Mira stretching out!

Good luck writing--you knows--instead of completing one chapter, you'll do both.


Jessica Kennedy said...

Thanks again for the opportunity to review your book! Looking forward to reading it!

Have fun filming!

Candace said...

I think I left a question for you on the forum!