Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Discussion Board

It's been a busy night and I haven't gotten the chance to write a single word, which is more frustrating than I can even begin explain. However, my complete focus on writing recently has caused my personal life to quickly slide down the drain. Bills piled up, updates to my computer were uncompleted, websites needs to be updated, emails answered, and other random items that were sorely neglected. It was just pathetic.

So, tonight, I sent an update to my HarperCollins microsite, which should be approved by the editor within the next couple of days. I created a countdown on my Blogger account until the RomanticTimes Booklovers convention (Yeah! Vacation!) and I created a second countdown for the release of Dayhunter (Yeah! Book Release!).

I paid some bills, updated my laptop, made an appointment to see my accountant regarding my 2008 taxes (yuck), and started the tedious process of pulling together all my 2008 receipts and paperwork. I even cleaned off my desk. It's amazing! I can see the top again. It won't last long, but it's nice to know that it was clean for a little while.

Oh, and the thing everyone is wondering about....

Yes, I decided to open a discussion board. I am going to be using Proboards, which is the same system used by Rachel Vincent and Vicki Pettersson. The system appears to be pretty user friendly, but take it easy on me, I'm still learning how to use it. I've already opened it, started several categories, and seeded some of them with my own comments and questions. I am going to be the moderator for now until I find someone to help me manage it, so I am relying on everyone to be well-behaved. Please....

So, if you're looking to join in the discussion regarding the Dark Days Series, Click Here!


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