Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Checking In and a Short Video

I'm so bummed tonight. I didn't quite hit my goal of 2,000 words. I really wanted to crack through 90,000 words total, but I can't quite hit there tonight. There just isn't enough time and I'm reluctant to start a new chapter so late at night. And this is going to be a REALLY good chapter. It's going to give readers a little taste of what some people have been asking for. Is that evil of me? Give little hints, but nothing more? Yeah, it probably is.

It also didn't help that I just HAD to watch Ghost Hunters. It wasn't a great episode, but I still enjoyed it. I needed a break.

Looking ahead to this weekend, it looks like I may actually come close to finishing the book. I don't think I will. I will probably have a chapter or two left when next week starts, but that's not bad. I'm planning to take a break between the finish of Book 4 and the start of the revisions. I've got my time off all planned out. I'm going to catch up on a few movies, I've got a huge stack of Batman comics waiting for me, and if I have any more time, I've got a massive pile of books just calling my name. It's gonna be great.

Just for a few laughs, I've got a video. Frequent readers of my blog will know that I'm a big Simon's Cat fan. My brother and I stumbled over a video we hadn't seen before. It's Simon's Sister's Dog. Enjoy.

And just in case you were unaware of the greatness that is Simon's Cat, here is my favorite video.

Yes, I swear, my cat really does act EXACTLY like this.

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Chris said...

Those are great. :) I hadn't seen the dog one before.

My cat goes straight for the head-butt-to-the-face in bed, purring like crazy.