Friday, February 20, 2009

God Bless the Geek Squad

Last weekend, my laptop developed software issues, forcing me to leave it in the capable hands of the Geek Squad. This lovely group helped me through some computer-related trauma last summer and was kind enough to fix my laptop once again. I am getting worried, though, that they are starting to recognize and remember me due to the frequency of my computer issues. However, I am happy to report that my laptop is back in my hands again. Thank you, Geek Squad, for your speedy and diligent service.

In other news, ParaNormal announce last night their Paranormal Excellence Awards for Romantic Literature (P.E.A.R.L.) I recevied an honorable mention for Best New Author!!! Squeal! I was just happy to have been a finalist.

I am currently still working on my copyedits for Dawnbreaker, which I hope to finish on Saturday. That will leave me time on Sunday to go back through the plot outline for Book 4 and tweak a few things before finally getting back to the task of writing.

Through my copyedits, I have notice a few things:

1. I haven't a clue as to how to properly use a comma. Half of my commas have been striped out, while an equal number had been put back in. I'm trying to learn my copyeditor's rules, but I'm about to throw my hands up in frustration.

2. In this book, my most over-used words have been: that, back, and now. I guess that kind of an improvment, because I remember in Nightwalker, my most overused words were just and only.

3. I introduced a number of new characters in Dawnbreaker, but I don't feel like I had enough time to really get to know most of them, which is a little disappointing. But that just means that I will need to spend more time with them in later books!


Chris said...

Congrats on the honorable mention! :)

Are you sure your copy editor is completely right? I know they can sometimes be so formal and nit-picky they overlook creative expression and sentence rhythm. I love talking about unusual rules & conventions of punctuation and grammar. I'm just curious. :)

Roxanne Skelly said...

Computer can be more terrifying than vampires, werewolfs, zombies, demons and ghosts put together, and hey, I'm a computer programmer in my day job.