Saturday, January 3, 2009

Revisions Almost Done

I am so close to finishing my revisions that I can taste it. Just a few more chapters left and the remaining chapters don't have any notes from my editor. That means that I'm just adding a coating of polish to these -- which is significantly faster than actually needing to write new content. I don't think I'm going to hit my goal of 115,000 words. Actually, I know I'm not. Which kind of sucks, but I'm not going to add words to a book just for the sake of length. I'd rather have a tightly written book than something that rambles too much just so I can have a 115,000-word book. I did re-check and Nightwalker came in at 115,000 words, and Dayhunter came in around 109,000 words. Book 3 will be somewhere close to that range.

Besides, I have a dark feeling that Book 4 is going to be a long book by a significant amount. So what you get is a slightly shorter book in book 3, and you get more in book 4. It all evens out, right?

I decided to change editing locations today. I needed somewhere ... different. So, I am currently seated at my local Kenton County library, splitting a table with a couple working on their Dell laptop. They have no idea that I'm over here working on the next great Dark Days novel. Of course, they could be working on the cure for cancer for all I know, so my little novel might not count for much.

But I'm rambling now. My brain has kicked back into creative mode from edit mode. I think it's time for lunch and a break. If I'm lucky, I'll finish off the novel tonight and then read over some of the new chapters tomorrow morning before shipping off the book to my editor. Cross your fingers that she'll like it.

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