Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Send in the rescue squad, I'm buried under a mound of snow and ice!

Tonight's song was pulled off the top of my random list of songs on my iTunes: "Blood" by Pearl Jam. A bit older of a song, but a good one.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm buried under a mound of snow and ice. To make matters worse, the snow and the ice continue to fall. There's even been mention of people losing power from the potential of downed powerlines.

The roads were bad enough to keep me from going into the office today, so I got the chance to work all day in my jammies. It made for a comfortable, but a long day. It's likely to be the same tomorrow.

However, UPS was still up and running despite the fact that I was trapped inside of my house. I received my copyedits for my novella, which are due back to my editor on February 11. I've got plenty of time to get them done and it'll be nice to pop back into that story briefly. It's been several months since I last touched it. I'll be able to look at it with a fresh eye.

In other news, work is slowly progressing on the audiobook for Nightwalker. I recently confirmed the pronunciation of several character names with the company that producing the audiobook, which was a pretty cool process. It was like formally putting my stamp of approval on the book and my world.

I hope you're not buried in the snow like me!


Candace said...

I'm sending warm thoughts your way!!!

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Jocelynn

We had all the ice two weeks ago, now we just have about six inches of snow. Only a week ago, the temperature was below zero, now it's up to 12 degrees. Only in Illinois..