Monday, January 12, 2009

Around the Web

I'm in slow recovery mode at the moment. I am trying to climb back into work. I managed to get a few chapters done of book 4 over the weekend and I'm hoping to finish up another one tonight. With the first three books, my biggest issue was adding enough subplot. That's not going to be a problem with Book 4. But I am confident that this book will come with its own bag of troubles. They always do.

I scanning around the web today, and I found a couple interesting places that are definitely worth a visit. Urban Fantasy Land is holding its first 2008 awards. If you like voting for stuff, here is your chance to vote for some of your favorite authors and books. Yours truly has even been nominated for one of the categories so at least stop by and check that out! I'm just excited to be noticed. Check it out!

Also, since you're out surfing the web, stop by Fangs Fur & Fey -- they are currently having an interesting discussion regarding book sales and how our sales are impacted by when and where you buy your copies.

Have a good night!

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