Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finished ... Sort Of

It is finally done. I was finally able to type the two greatest words of Book 3 -- THE END. Well, they aren't the best words in the whole book, but they are the only two that relieved a great deal of stress. The book is currently shorter than I want it to be, but I'm not worried about that at all. I've already got two more scenes that I'm hoping to squeeze in before the book gets shipped off to my editor. And well... after my editor has had her lovely hands on it, I have no doubt that the book will get much longer, quickly. A Lot Longer. She just has knack for jump starting my imagination.

But I am, overall, pleased with the book. It's not my favorite yet. That happens after the edits are completed and I'm walking around the house amazed at what a genius I am..... yeah, right.

I will admit that I hit something of writer's block with a small section of this book. That's something that is pretty rare for me. I generally don't get writer's block because I am careful to plan out where the book is going to go. However, I have trouble writing/plotting/planning fight scenes, which can be extremely annoying since Mira tends to get into a lot of fights.

But this was the end fight scene. I knew how it was going to go, but I wasn't sure what that final catalyst was going to be. What was going to be that one thing that sent everyone screaming over the edge and into a fight to the death? Well, obviously I figured it out, but I had to try a new method. I had to get my own adrenaline pumping so I hit the treadmill and cranked the Marilyn Manson until I could finally see the fight scene in my head. Of course, by the end, I was so exhausted that I might have been hallucinating, but it doesn't matter. The scene worked out and the book is done ... sort of.

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Freedom Star said...

Woohoo, congrats on reaching 'The End'!