Friday, November 28, 2008

Coming Out of the Thanksgiving Coma

I’m slowly coming out of my turkey-induced coma and I’m trying to be at least a little coherent today, particularly since I had to work my day job. Yes, if the stock market is open, I’m working. Well, at least the market closed early, so it wasn’t quite a full day.

I had a great Thanksgiving with my family. The company was great, the food was excellent, and there was much Rock Band that was played. I’m in heaven now that I can use my new Guitar Hero guitar on Rock Band. It means no switching the equipment in and out as we switch games. I’ve always liked the Guitar Hero guitar better anyway.

I’ve got very little to report today. I am not going out shopping with all the other dedicated holiday shoppers. I’m not into huge, insane, angry crowds. After work, I’m slinking home and not leaving my house again until Monday. Yep, the head goes down and I’m working on Book 4 this weekend.

But since it can’t all be about work, I’m returning to my tradition of weekend Muppet fun. Since we recently had Thanksgiving, I thought I would post a little Swedish Chef.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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