Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Bad Night

It's not a bad night because I didn't get any work done. I actually got more written than I thought I would considering the circumstances. There is also the dilemma that I created a new and entirely unexpected spell for Book 3 that I need to work all the details and consequences out for before I write another single word.

No, tonight I dropped my cats, Harley and Demona, off at the Vet to be spayed and declawed. I feel absolutely awful knowing that I'm putting my little babies in any kind of pain. They cried the whole way to the vet in their carriers and started to cry again when the vet took them away. I was crying by the time I reached my car alone.

I've only had my cats for a little over a year, but they are my constant companions. They've helped me write Dayhunter as well as the novella for the upcoming anthology Unbound. They've also been instrumental in slowing down my progress on Book 3.

It's been strange working tonight without Demona trying to climb into my lap along with my laptop, or having her bat at the pen as I make some notes. I haven't had Harley around to stretch out on the floor right in front of me and give me the "you must come rub my belly" look. And it will be lonely to go to bed tonight without them curled up around me.

So, before going to bed tonight, give your cat, dog, ferret, rabbit, goldfish, or whatever an extra bit of love for me. I miss my girls and I'm looking forward to having them home again.


Jessica Kennedy said...

Unnecessary pain is right! I would NEVER declaw my cats.

Becky LeJeune said...

Oh, they'll be ok, though. I kissed and hugged my kitties for you! Mine aren't declawed, but they were both spayed before I got them so I, thankfully, didn't have to go through that.

Malicque said...

*yanws* im not sure if i should be posting here, but like I just finished reading one of your books last night, Till 11:00 MT, and its really good ( i was reading nightwalker) ...now im gonna go to sleep

Tricia said...

Sometime it nessary to have your cats declawed. You slouldn't people feel bad about this because you don't know the circumstance that led to this decision. Maybe her landlord said they had to go if she didn't. Would you rather the cats be euthanised, sorry but don't be stupid.