Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last Night in Savannah

It's my last night and I'm sorry to be going home. I've loved my time in Savannah. I love the history, the beauty, the amazing squares, and the unique stories that are hidden in every shadow and around every corner. I'm so glad that I have picked this place for Mira's home. I can see why she loves it here and why she is so willing to defend it against not only the naturi, but also against any other threat that may arise.

Today was a walk up Bull Street, which is the main street that divides the city. Heading up from the hotel, which is located on Bay Street, we hit Johnson Square then to Wright Square, which is home to the Gordon Monument and the Toma-chi-chi grave. From there is the Chippewa Square -- which is where the movie Forrest Gump was filmed. Afterward, is Madison Square -- which is home to the Sorrell-Weed house that I mentioned yesterday, and then Monterey Square. Monterey Square has the Pulaski monument, a Jewish Temple, and the Mercer-Williams house.

I did take a tour of the Mercer house, which was absolutely amazing. Beyond the gory history regarding the murder and eventual death of Jim Williams, the house itself is exquisite in its artwork and appointments. I suggest that you check it out if you are ever in Savannah.

The pictures above are just some of the places that I was able to visit today, including a quick trip out to Old Fort Jackson. Tomorrow I will be headed home and getting back to the task of writing Book 3. No more "Goofing Off" for me.


Chrissy said...
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Christine said...

Gorgeous photos of Savannah! I'd love to visit there someday myself. Thanks for sharing! :)